Friday, February 16, 2007

Hobo with a shotgun

SXSW's Grindhouse Trailers Begin Splattering on YouTube has some fun stuff.

I haven't even gotten through all of these, even less the new ones up at Grindhouse full theatrical Trailer is here... and more from the SXSW contest Trailers, although I did watch the Grindhouse trailer.

Somebody needs to load those people up with cash and let them make this. I will be first in line.

Most of them are amusing. A couple others I'd have to see if they were real.

Mister Muerte definitely qualifies under both. It perfectly captures the look and feel of a Spaghetti Western trailer.

The Woman with the Eyes of Glass fails in that manner. It looks like they plotted a decent fake Giallo, but the trailer fails completely at evoking the incredibly far-out vibe of real Giallo trailers, which inevitably use solarization and choppy editing to be even more far-out and wild than the movies themselves are, which can be quite an achievement.

Not that I'll be reviewing these all at any point. Just some thoughts. Go check them out.

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