Friday, March 30, 2007

Art ponderings

I did two things yesterday.

I read The Magic and Majesty of Pink Floyd by Mikal Gilmore and watched Performance by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg and the accompanying documentary, "Influence and Controversy".

Of course, I did do a couple of other things, but those are the two things that are of interest here.

The complete article, which contains not terribly much new or surprising, includes a story by the sister of Syd Barrett, about how in later years he would photograph a flower, then paint the photograph, then photograph the painting and destroy the painting. As it's not in the exerpted article online, I hope I got that right, but it's hardly the point.

The point, to me, was that the process was the art, more than the result. Perhaps I am reading into his intentions unfairly, but I can live with that, since my intent was not to deride this process but to admire it. Watching "Influence and Controversy", specifically regarding how the latter half of Performance was largely created during filming and the stylized first half was created in editing, only heightened this idea's primacy in my mind.

Because genre cinema is so rarely conceived or produced with art as the primary intention, it is almost never made for the process. It's a product and, as such, it's made with the result, the product, in mind. I've got nothing against people who create for results, look at Alfred Hitchcock and Woody Allen, both favorites of mine, and both clearly have the result in mind and everything they do and get others to do is in service of that result.

But listening to the commentary by Alan Rudolph the other day, or Robert Altman on others, or the various people discussing the making of Performance excites me creatively. It makes me want to be a part of the process.

Maybe it seems like a questionable on some level, but honestly, making Lakeside, aren't the things that come closest to what I imagined while I was writing it. The things that make me the happiest are the things that happened because people took it further, filled in a blank or just created something wholly new, using my script or direction as a launching pad.

More and more as I consider it, my mind is pondering ideas that provide an opportunity not that merely allows for this, but provides a forum for it to thrive.

Maybe this will be the death of my ability to get funding. Maybe it will be throw all my potential partners off their guard to an extent that I'll be sitting alone.

But when I sit and dream of what I'd like to do with my life, which is nearly all of the time, that's what I dream of.

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