Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bill the Beerman, RIP

Bill Scott, 1949-2007: Beerman lifted everyone's spirits by Jim Moore.

A side of myself I don't often blog about is the sports geek in me. It probably comes down to a number of factors, now the least of which I think sports geekery is best done wholly or very little.

But I can't miss the moment to pay my respects to Bill "The Beerman" Scott.

I grew up going to Seahawks and Mariners games with my grandfather at the Kingdome. Back in those days, neither team had quite broken a stride, so it was often a rather small and tepid crowd. Bill the Beerman was always there making sure everyone cheered and shouted, whether they wanted to or not, or more accurately, whether they knew they wanted to or not.

30 years and a lot of ups and downs have passed since then. In the time since, Seattle has come to claim the loudest crowd of football fans, at least during the good times. I'm not sure how true that is, especially in the new outdoor stadiums, but to the extent it is true, it's in large part due to those early days when the Beerman made sure we all cheered as loud as we could and celebrated our teams, in fair weather and foul... something that, sadly, doesn't always come naturally to us here in the gray northwest.

Thanks, Bill, for making all of those games more fun. You will be missed.

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