Sunday, March 18, 2007

Head Trauma

Like The Abandoned, there would be little to remark on about Head Trauma if horror movies by intelligent people for intelligent people was the norm. As the last couple of weeks have not brought about a substantial change in the norm, however, it is worth remarking upon.

Filmed on what must have been a remarkably low budget, Head Trauma is the story of a man who comes back to the small town his grandmother lived in his youth in order to fix up and sell the house he inherited after her death. The way the story of his growing paranoia and emotional state unfolds carefully and skillfully, although possibly not as surprisingly as some would hope.

It's definitely worth checking out for a creepy and smart little thriller, as well as to see some really nice ways to make the best of a small budget.

Also give a read to Head Trauma: Get Hammered This Week... by Stephen Bissette covers some of his experience working on the project as well as some interesting thoughts on the movie itself.

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