Sunday, March 04, 2007

Obscure DVDs

For Obscure DVDs, a Precarious Future by Bryan Reesman.

In a discussion thread on this subject, Tim Lucas wrote this post, which begins, "The greatest disappointment of my life so far is how so many of the best things in life -- novels, music (even Elvis and the Beatles!), foreign films, magazines, the seasons, and women with real breasts, to name a few -- have become dispensible for so many and even threatened with extinction during my lifetime."

I hope all of this turns out to be alarmist nonsense, or, at least, the wake up call that movie fans with an interest, even a passing interest, in movies outside the mainstream need to take some kind of action. It's certainly true that in recent months several of the larger companies, such as those quoted in the article, have slowed slowed down their release schedules considerably, Sony has eliminated the MGM Midnite Movies series.

It's a pretty depressing thought. One of the greatest, and most important, things the DVD boom has done is bring some real gems of movie history into the hands of people who might otherwise have never discovered them, or at least, been able to find them.


cinebeats said...

This was a bit depressing to read, as was the Mobius thread, but your post echoes my own fears. I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite DVD companies like Blue Underground & Mondo Macabro seemed to have slowed down their DVD productions and haven’t been updating their websites much if at all.

This is one reason I focus my writing on older films that are often released by smaller DVD companies. Of course, I also have no interest in 85% of the new movies being released so that shapes my viewing habits as well.

I have found that all my local rental places that once had Cult sections and Asian cinema sections are starting to cut way back on what new things they carry in store so I've been forced to rent DVDs online. Local places don't even carry new Criterion DVDs anymore, but of course they have 50+ copies of the latest craptastic film starring *insert over-hyped star or starlet name here*

Neil said...

Obviously, I agree.

And I undoubtedly need to make a greater effort to celebrate more of the obscure movies I see. I don't review even close to half the movies, obscure or not, that I watch. Part of that is a time issue, but I should put more effort into celebrating more of the peculiar releases, if only to get them that one tiny bit more attention.

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