Friday, March 16, 2007

One on Top of the Other

I really enjoyed Lucio Fulci's One on Top of the Other. As a Fulci fan, I was surprised that what is apparently a reasonably well-known work had escaped me. In fact, it's quite good, in a reasonably accessible way. I suspect it's at the top of the list of I'd recommend to someone looking to dip their feet in the waters of giallo.

The new DVD reflects the French cut and, as such, title, "Perversion Story". I chose the original US title, as it seems a decent translation of the Italian title, "Una Sull'Altra". Michael Mackenzie's review discusses some of the issues surrounding the differing cuts. I suspect that most first time viewers would prefer the original US cut, as the solution to the elements setting up the ultimate solution to the mystery would seem in better place. For me, the fever dream quality of gialli is part of the beauty, so this cut worked just fine.

Ultimately, in any version, it's a strong, stylish mystery that does a lot to explore its lead character. The comparison to Vertigo is apt, not only in setting, but in its treatment of obsession and its effect on the psyche. It also rather inverts it and twists it.

Not to mention, the score by Riz Ortolani is frickin' brilliant!

Here. Check out the trailer -

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