Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seattle Weekly

Two notes on the current issue of Seattle Weekly.

First, this article, From Hell's Heart, I Litigate at Thee by Brian Miller, is interesting. In my experience, the sharp divides in geekdom are actually a pretty tiny minority of actual geeks. The one's who are stupid enough to believe articles like this one and then make a big fuss to prove they're on the right "side". Once you get past that foolishness, however, the article itself is interesting.

Second, this week's New on DVD includes the following note, "Mario Bava's 1966 Kill, Baby, Kill! provides a kind of prelude to Grindhouse (in theaters April 6)." I guess I see how you could... I mean... it's good that someone's calling out Bava stuff, but that release of Kill, Baby, Kill! has been postponed and, err, have they actually seen Kill, Baby, Kill!? Or is it Grindhouse they don't understand? Or were they so desperate for a plug, they just grabbed the closest link they could find without regard to how tenuous it might be?

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