Saturday, April 28, 2007


I wonder how many of my readers don't even consider how many "normal" movies I watch.

I have a standard answer I give when people ask why I don't pursue being a professional critic. It's basically my lack of desire to review movies that I don't have a strong opinion on. I occasionally try it and you can find some examples around.

It's more complicated than that, however. There are also movies that I don't think I can add anything to the general discourse on. I mean, what can I say about Notes on a Scandal? Judi Dench is terrific? Cate Blanchett having sex with a 15 year old is hot... I mean, uh... creepy. But anyway, who consults me on this? If you were, then, yes, go ahead a check it out.

The only time I struggle past not having anything I either really want to say or some perspective I have that's unique is with movies I'd like to make more people aware of... great obscure movies, interesting failures or what-have-you. I assume this is what's largely expected of me. It's certainly what I have the time and patience for.


Piper said...

Neil, I'm with you.

I don't really care for reviews of movies and don't try to do them too often. I will write about a movie I really love and why I love it, but don't try to do a review and I always hate when I get to the part where I have to explain how the movie goes. It just gets in the way of me talking about how much I love it.

Anyways, reviews ain't my thing. I reviewed 300 a bit and I still feel dirty for it because everyone and their fricking Grandmother reviewed it.

Neil Sarver said...

I don't much regret my review of 300. I saw it right away and I think I said a couple of things I didn't everywhere else.

I appreciate going to blogs that write consistently good reviews, but in general I don't think it's what I do best... although I do a fine enough job when I make the effort. I understand the format and all.

Moviezzz said...

As someone who does try to review every film I see (for my blog and another site), and see films I normally wouldn't want to, I can understand what you are saying. It gets tough to think of something to say.

Take LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. Good movie. But, I began writing the review, and didn't get around to posting it for several days. By the time I was ready to post, I had pretty much forgotten the film.

Neil Sarver said...

That's certainly part of my problem and has been a bigger one when I was making a stronger attempt to review a higher percentage of what I watched.

It still comes up, though.

I recently caught up with Rabid Dogs by Mario Bava, which I have no excuse for not having seen soon. I thought it was brilliant and have plenty to say about it, but after being busy for a couple of days, it was like the moment past and while the movie is still vivid, my thoughts on it are less so.

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Neil,
I meant to respond on this sooner. I know what you mean, one big problem I have is giving my thoughts on a film I have just seen for the first time. Ineveitably my opinion and thoughts on a film will change on re-viewings. So, I rarely post on new films that are at the theater. Occasionally I will make an exception if I have seen something that I can simply recommend.
I'm also struck by how many 'great' movies I see that I never re-visit and how many flawed films I keep returning to, films that might not be perfect but contain elements that hit me on an emotional or intellectual level.
I also know what you mean on posting on films that are talked about everywhere, I mean Citizen Kane is one of my favorite films but what could I possibly say about it that hasn't already been said a million times over?
Sorry to ramble, this post sparked a lot of thoughts in me.
I think about the best thing I can do on my blog is turn people on to perhaps a film they haven't seen or share my personal experience with a film they have.
Thanks for the interesting post and keep up your great work on this blog.

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