Saturday, April 28, 2007

Long numbers

I have some advice.

If you're giving your credit card out loud, say each individual digit.

Look, I remember being 5. Man, it felt so cool and grown-up to say my phone number was "783, forty-seven, eighty". Now that I'm an actual grown-up, I can tell that this, in fact, communicates the information much less clearly. "Is that 14 or 40? Oh, 47. Is that 18 or 80?" It's also not usually faster. In this case, it is, in fact, a syllable longer.

Even then, I can let the phone number one go. If it makes you feel like a big shot to give your telephone number like that, please rock on!

But your credit card has many more digits than that, with even more places to stumble. "Two-thousand... one."

Less clarity, no savings in time, frankly, almost always at least a little extra thought on both ends. I know the 5-year-old inside you feels really, really super awesome when you do it, but just hold back and read each digit individually. You're old enough to have a credit card, you're old enough to restrain the 5-year-old inside you.

1 comment:

Booksteve said...

Having worked in retail for decades now, I know exactly what you mean and it happened again just yesterday!!!! Aargh!! Then the lady blames me for not listeninh well!

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