Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Race and Lakeside

No, not my Lakeside.

Lakeside School, which is the subject of this interesting but ulimately mediocre article, Good Intentions Turn Into Diversity Backlash at Lakeside School by Nina Shapiro. Mind you, it does its best to navigate a clearly complicated issue, but ultimately suffers from being about a bunch of people all circling the various sides of an issue, nearly all of whom I think are, well, wrong.

The only thing I found shockingly noteworthy was this, "One day last school year, the teacher embarked on a discussion of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter From Birmingham Jail' and the letter to King from eight white ministers that had preceded it. The conversation turned into a debate about rape and power. As Pollock recalls, she seized upon the possessive language in the letter from the white ministers—'our negroes'—to talk about the history of slavery, which 'allowed a white male to buy a black woman and own as much property as he could by raping her, and raping her daughters and raping her granddaughters.' She says she noted:'"And that's how come slaves got to look like me.'

"Some students in the class discerned a broader message that they felt was debatable. 'Our teen came home and said, "She thinks if you have sex with someone who is in power, you're being raped,"' recalls Linda Deright, who is white and the wife of Bob Simeone, the diversity committee co-chair."


Linda Deright's child is a dumbass.

Linda Deright's child is a raging void of anything resembling discernment or reasoning, who clearly has no place in an exclusive school such as Lakeside.

If your child can not discern between being a slave and forced to obey every whim of someone who owns you as their legal property, in which the issue of consent has no practical or legal bearing on your life, demanding sex and anything that could be phrased as lightly as having "sex with someone who is in power" in any way that would apply to the life of someone privileged enough to go to Lakeside, then they don't deserve that privilege by even the broadest stretch of the imagination.

Ms. Deright, your child is very, very stupid. You should enroll it in a special program in hopes that it eventually catches up to something close to average, but I think you should end your hopes of having one of the great, successful minds of our times, such as the many successful Lakeside alumni so often hailed. Your child is dumbass. Get used to it, and, please, don't make matters worse by spouting off to the local press. That's just embarrassing.

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