Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleeping Dogs Lie by Bobcat Goldthwait is the darkest and laugh-out-loud funniest dark comedy I've seen in a long time. It's also one of the most emotionally real romantic comedy I've ever seen. I'm not going to say more about the movie, as it's best just experienced.

I will note that it also has a charming and disarmingly sweet director's commentary that I recommend almost as much as the movie itself.


Piper said...

Yeah, what happened to this movie?

Did you see it on DVD?

I heard it was great and want to check it out.

Neil said...

Yes, it got released on DVD this past Tuesday. Definitely check it out.

Piper said...

I'm going to. I've been to Blockbuster quite a bit and haven't seen it. I'll be sure to look.

Neil said...

Maybe it's too much for them. I know I just rented it at the Hollywood near me. I wasn't even expecting it. It was just there.

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