Monday, April 09, 2007

Trashy movies: the aftermath

I'm really happy with the results of The Trashy Movie Blog-a-thon.

The variety of trashy experiences was wonderful, better that I would have dared to hope. Some people wrote long pieces, some short. Some were fun, some were thought-provoking, some were a bit of both. Some people covered old favorites of mine, some re-inspired my desire to see movies I've wanted to see and others convinced me to revisit movies that even I had dismissed. In the end that's exactly what I had hoped for. I hope some of you had some of the same reactions.

A couple of people broke one rule, a couple broke another, but that's just fine. It was a celebration. You set down rules at a party mostly in hopes that no furniture gets broken, the carpet doesn't get any permanent stains and no one gets hurt, right?

Thanks very much to all the wonderful participants. Some of you are people whose blogs I already read, others are ones I've just discovered and will have to keep a continuing eyes on. And thanks to other folks, like GreenCine Daily, who provided links.

I hope many of you enjoyed this as well as I did.

1 comment:

Piper said...

It was a good time. An excuse to set aside a couple of hours and watch The Beastmaster from start to finish. With two kids, that's really saying something.

Now for godsakes, rest up and come over to my Blog A Thon.

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