Friday, June 29, 2007

Why won't Netflix kill a child?

Why has Netflix dropped Who Can Kill a Child? from my main queue into my saved queue?

If there's a content issue, why is the listing still here with the date of availability "unknown"?

Is it a matter of demand? The other releases from Dark Sky Films this week, The Last Hunter and Drive-In Double Feature: Search and Destroy / The Glove are both available. Was there really more demand for both of those disks?

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Bob said...

I sure hope that it's not a content thing on Netflix's part. Once they take a step down that road...

However, I saw "Would You Kill a Child?" at a free screening under another title (was the word "Damned" in there somewhere?) when it was "coming out" -- though I don't remember it ever actually being released. I was appalled at the time (was maybe 15 or 16?) -- I'm a bit of a conflicted sort of squeamish horror weinie -- but I've never forgotten it, I'll say that.

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