Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blind woman's curse

I must say I was really looking forward to Blind Woman's Curse, and maybe I built it up in my mind into something it couldn't be...

Here. Watch this!


Yeah. That's what I was hoping for.

Obviously I know budgets and whatnot prevent whole movies from being quite that... that... that!

And while it is like that, it frankly is really cool, full of crazy carnivals, tattoo thefts, blood drinking cats and a dude, as you ought to have seen, with a mostly naked ass and a derby hat.

Unfortunately, much of the time is taken up with a what may be the dullest Yakuza movie I've ever seen. It laboriously comes back to another bad thing that happens, to which Boss Lady Meiko Kaji, beautiful as ever, responds with a tepid statement of vengeance... later. When she finds more time. And another horror on her people, for which she swears this time she will take action... later.

So, I'm torn between recommending the awesome parts or not recommending the tedious ones. I'll leave it to you.

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