Sunday, August 26, 2007


Despite appearances, the movie Renegade is based the comic series Blueberry created by Jean-Michel Charlier and Moebius. As such, it is more a tale of a spiritual journey of sorts than an action movie. In would be more likely to appeal to fans of El Topo or Dead Man than much else, although it's box art does its best to hide this.

Mind you, it isn't as magnificent or brilliant as those to examples, but it is incredibly compelling and features strong performances all around, including one by an unrecognizable Eddie Izzard.

More that providing a more than moderately satisfying experience on its own, it made me want to seek out the original books, especially since the movie is apparently a very loose adaptation. I can see how director Jan Kounen committed himself to a visual style that very often closely resembles the look of Moebius's art, although apparently writer Charlier disowned the film, removing his name.


r_sail said...

I haven't read Blueberry. But, like all things Moebius, it's on the list. I haven't seen the movie either. What's interesting, and by 'interesting' I mean funny, is on Wikipedia it says 'Purists were appalled by this film. It arguably did not stay true to action-based, gritty comic, but rather featured an esoteric, trippy presentation of shamanism.'

That's the reverse of the ususal complaints about movie adaptaions.

Neil Sarver said...

It is a pretty weird change. Luckily for me, whenever I actually do get a chance to read the comic is that I can probably handle a change in the opposite direction as well.

As it goes, with no attachments, I enjoyed the "esoteric trippy presentation of shamanism".

r_sail said...

I dunno, I kinda like it when the movie is different, you know? I've already read the comic or book. The best example I can think of is The Shining. The worst, (visuals aside) 300.

Neil Sarver said...

I generally agree.

Although I'm still not convinced on The Shining as a whole. Although I have this article by Richard T. Jameson to read and process. Perhaps that'll inspire me to give it another shot.

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