Saturday, August 25, 2007

The future of westerns

Reading Theatrical Jesse James Trailer Arrives by Todd Brown and its note that "you’ve almost got to wonder if there’s a western revival in the works".

The filmgoer in me can't help be electrified by the possibility, but the aspriring creator in me can't help imagining that this is one more genre, concept, texture that I've been contemplating for some time that I'll still be too late to ride the crest of, if it comes. Especially this, the genre I'd most like an opportunity to take a crack at.

Just the other night I was contemplating an idea for horror-western that I think would work exceptionally well.

Not that I can fully inspire myself with the idea of doing more horror right now anyway.


Drewbacca said...

I too am very much excited for the recent "revival" of the western. There aren't a lot out there to choose from, but the few in the past years have been really terrific (The Proposition, Open Range, Three Burials of Malquiedes Estrada, etc. - even Down in the Valley to some extent). I'm VERY much looking forward to "3:10 to Yuma" and... another one I can't remember at the moment this fall.

As for horror Westerns, I know thre are couple of B-films out there that are in this sub-genre. But most are campy and cheesy. I'd LOVE to see a really good one made. Horror generally sucks, but when one comes along that is really good, it's usually REALLY good.

~Andrew James

Neil Sarver said...

I agree regarding The Proposition and Three Burials of Malquiedes Estrada, which were my favorite (or close to it) movies of their respective years. And I'm also looking forward to 3:10 To Yuma, which is a terrific story and has the potential, as Marty McKee notes in Squeezin' That Watch Ain't Gonna Stop Time, to benefit from a remake.

As horror westerns go, I can't even think of many that amuse my (oft-overdeveloped) camp/cheese side. Although I'm still undercaffeinated today, so I'm willing to concede that I'm forgetting a couple either way.

I do think there's a remarkable amount of unmined potential for really good horror westerns... even my two ideas are remarkably different from one another. I'm frankly surprised more people haven't made an effort at it over the many decades of movie history.

Drewbacca said...

The other one I'm looking forward to that I forgot about above is "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." Looks terrific.

~Andrew James

Neil Sarver said...

Yes, I'm quite intrigued by that one as well.

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