Monday, August 20, 2007

Greatest foreign language films

Choosing the best non-English language films by Edward Copeland.

I did participate in this list, for better or worse, and with some reluctance. I sent my rather carefully considered nominees. I will not be posting my nominee list, but I will put up a similar, but more complete list of my top foreign movies up before the September 16 deadline for voting on my Top 25 out of the final list of nominees.

I'm very pleased to see The Great Silence on the list and hope some of the voters who have not yet seen it will take the opportunity to vote for it. Of those I nominated, I was more surprised than perhaps I ought to be that Godzilla didn't make the final list. And I must confess that I probably would have voted for Diabolique, if I'd considered for a moment that it wouldn't make the nomination list.

I'm terribly surprised to see nothing by Takashi Miike, Audition being another movie I removed from my list with some confidence it would have no trouble without me. In fact, I lose a bet on that one. I'm frankly surprised at the lack of J-horror overall, not even Ring.

I have some homework for myself over the next month, though. There are several on there that are on my "should have seen by now" list and a few others I'd like to refresh my memory on before ranking them (or leaving them off).


Edward Copeland said...

Gojira and Diabolique both ended up in the same boat: 1 vote shy of making the cut.

cinebeats said...

Only 13 films out of the 25 I nominated made the cut but I like the final list even if it's missing lots of good directors while others like Godard have too many films listed.

We should have cheated and worked together to try and get one of the Female Scorpion films mentioned. I'm guessing we were two of the three that voted for them (well I know I did anyway).

I was really happy to see that The Great Silence made the final cut. I didn't vote for any Italian westerns since I assumed they wouldn't count.

Like yourself I'm also really surprised that none of Takashi Miike or Kiyoshi Kurosawa's films were nominated. I feel sort of bad now that I left them off my own list.

Jeremy Richey said...

I am so irritated that I failed to get my list together on time. Bad vacation timing for me...the list is more interesting than I thought it would be although I am willing to bet the ones that didn't make it are even more fascinating.
It definately came out better than the more recent 'Online Bloggers List'...Kimberly's list is great as I am sure yours is as well. I am still confused by some of their rules but thrilled that "The Great Silence" (which I put at the very top of my Euro Westerns list) made it...

Neil Sarver said...

Edward, thanks for stopping by. That's too bad, both are amazing films and it would be nice if a few more people took the next month to appreciate them.

Kimbery, six of mine made the final cut...

1. The 400 Blows (1959 - Truffaut)
2. Eyes Without a Face (1960 - Franju)
3. The Great Silence (1968 - Corbucci)
4. High and Low (1963 - Kurosawa)
5. M (1931 - Lang)
6. Rififi (1955 - Dassin)

For the rest, I will follow your lead and write a more detailed list of what they are and why I chose them some time... hopefully very soon.

And, yes, we should have conspired on Female Prisoner Scorpion. I considered Beast Stable, which you are correct, is probably the best in the series. I merely voted for the first as the easiest proxy for the series as a whole.

The Great Silence was listed on IMDb as being in Italian and I used it as my guide for deciding if Italian genre movies were "officially" in English or not.

Jeremy, I'm sorry you didn't get a vote in. I'll be following the results with interest. I still see the potential for the final list to be much less interesting, but this list seems to be a nice representation.

cinebeats said...

Only 6 of your suggestions made the list? That's too bad because I like all the films you voted for.

We have 3 in common, but Rififi was on my longer list and so was the 400 Blows. I had no idea the Great Silence would be excepted so I didn't even bother.

I hope you'll share your entire list soon since I would love to see it! We should start campaigning for Eyes Without a Face and Kurosawa's High and Low. I think they're two of the greatest films on that list and they may not make the final cut which would be a real shame.

No matter how many Kurosawa films I see, High and Low remains my favorite. I do love Stray Dog and Ikiru a lot too and I was disappointed that Stray Dog didn't make the final list. Oddly enough I prefer Kurosawa's non-samurai films the best. I'm afraid I'm not a huge samurai film fan but man, oh man do I love yakuza eiga!

Jeremy - I really hope you vote in the final round!

Neil Sarver said...

Beauty and the Beast, Le Samourai and Hiroshima Mon Amour were on my longer list and are all on my tentative final list, although I've said, I do want to get as much homework in before then to ensure I'm as confident in my choices as I can be.

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