Friday, August 03, 2007


I watched the movie Everything's Gone Green. I had been looking for Pathfinder (which has a remarkable amount in common with 300, and I may compare them someday), to find it out.

It happens, I have a rather base weakness for stoner comedies. I suspect it comes of being raised on regular listening to the first Cheech & Chong album. And while I realize that little out there even approaches that level of sublimeness, I still can't seem to help being a sucker for them.

It turns out, that despite a marketing campaign, determined to suggest it, this is not a stoner comedy! It is, in fact, taken from a script by Douglas Coupland and feels very much like a movie version of his writing. Not necessarily like the best possible movie version of his best writing, but I'd expect most people's results with it will vary largely based on their opinion of his writing.

There's a moment that felt particularly resonant for me. It's a minor spoiler, mind you, so skip this paragraph if you must, but I knew the feeling and it speaks a lot to why I'm where I am now in my life. Somewhere midway through the movie, the protaganist of the story finds himself in a period of relative happiness with his situation. His boss calls him in to congratulate him on his performance and tell him how far he could go at his job. This, of course, sends him into a gloom, imagining his future 15 years down the line still at that same job, which, prior to that moment, he'd been quite pleased with.

I also read Stacie Ponder's post about the interview she (and others) conducted with Rob Zombie, here and here. In it, he says, "I've found that one thing you've gotta do is not really have a back-up plan because in life, I find that when you have a back-up plan, that's the plan you tend to get stuck with. You know, if you want to be in a band, don't have a good job because you'll never be in a band, you'll just have a good job."

Which is, I suppose, where I am. Flying without a net or something.

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