Friday, August 10, 2007

Random notes

Thanks to the wonderful Giallo Fever for pointing the way to The Italian Detective Novel: The Literary and Cinematic Giallo by Joseph Eynaud, a fascinating exploration of what Giallo is and what it represents, "One interesting point about the giallo in its cinematic form is that it appears to be less fixed as a genre than its written counterpart. The term itself doesn't indicate, as genres often do, an essence, a description or a feeling. It functions in a more peculiar and flexible manner as a conceptual category with highly moveable and permeable boundaries that shift around from year to year..."

Scarecrow Video seems to no longer really have a copy of The Outfit. The one listed in their catalog is now 6 months overdue, so I guess my search will be continuing.

My efforts to get Blindman to work are ongoing. One of these days I need to go all out and get a real region-free player, so I won't be reliant on making goofy hacks work... or not... although God knows how much having such a device would ultimately cost me in Scarecrow rentals.

Also, The Horror Blog points me to Cosmic Hex, which has a number of out-of-print titles, including Argento's Four Flies on Grey Velvet. I'm afraid trying to get that to work with my current situation will send me hacking around as well, but I'll probably be doing it soon anyway...

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