Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog reviews

Here are a handful of blog reviews I enjoyed recently. I'm not necessarily endorsing the opinions, in all cases, but always the writing.

I Did What You Saw by Arbogast.

Unseen Images: Walkabout by Greg Ferrara.

Death Proof DVD by Chris Poggiali.

Saturday Night Special by Dennis Cozzalio.

Remember Acting? by Samurai Frog.

On Halloween Past and Present by Joseph B.

The Earth Dies Screaming by Peter Nellhaus.


Ted Pigeon said...

Re: Grindhouse, count me among those unfortunate souls who missed the double feature when it played theatrically back in April. While I'm glad I can see each of these movies (Death Proof and Planet Terror) individually, part of me feels a bit cheated not being able to see Grindhouse. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to Tarantino's movie. I'll be seeing it tomorrow. Thanks for the link, Neil.

Neil Sarver said...

I'm not holding my breath today, but I imagine they'll eventually double-dip and release some kind of DVD of Grindhouse. Either the separate DVDs will do so well that they'll justify it or so poorly that they'll do it to make up the money.

As it goes, I suspect Death Proof, which I liked considerably less than Planet Terror within the larger concept will actually hold up much better as its own movie. I'm not rushing to see it tomorrow... Cruising is what I'm most excited for tomorrow... but I'm generally interested in the longer cut.

I'm glad I could help.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Thanks for the link. I commented on Peter's "The Earth Dies Screaming" just the other day. I do so love fifties and sixties sci-fi and horror. I plan to write a lot about it in October but probably won't cover much you haven't already. The Midnite Madness posts are great.

Neil Sarver said...

My pleasure. Always glad to share a link to such a great post on such a great movie.

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you're enjoying the Midnite Madness. I'm enjoying going through this batch of movies... I'm even a little bit enjoying the fact that Netflix is keeping me from rushing through too quickly. At least in terms of mail times, I do wish they'd deliver the flippers as flippers and not two seperate disks... and I'm more than a little annoyed that they've not added Return of Dracula to the choices, as it's a movie I've heard about all of my life but never gotten a chance to see.

I'm very excited to get around to some of the older stuff as well, and I shall. Or at least a good deal of it. I can't say I'm terribly rushing to watch Gorilla at Large without the 3-D, quite frankly.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Neil! And thanks for the hints on the other links too. I used to do this kind of thing a lot more often, and I probably should start it up again. It's a really good way of introducing people to new blogs and writers.

I just watched Death Proof Bigger, Longer and Uncut over the weekend, and I was rather surprised how well it worked outside of the double feature Grindhouse format. Of course, a longer version is not going to address the problems many had with the movie-- that the lead-up to the climax of each section was already too long and drawn-out. But if you find yourself in Tarantino's groove, more of Death Proof is definitely a good thing. There was only one bit that I thought was unsatisfying-- Stuntman Mike's encounter with Rosario Dawson's bare feet-- but visualy it's interesting and ties into Tarantino's foot fetish, right up to the high-heeled exclamation point Dawson puts on the movie.

Neil Sarver said...

Thanks, Dennis. I agree that it's a great way to find new blogs... in fact, it's probably the main way I find new blogs... not that I technically need to find more blogs to read, but I always enjoy finding new ones.

I actually did watch Death Proof last night, and generally agree, although I'll try to post more thoughts in their own post.

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