Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Devils

For whatever it's worth, I watched Ken Russell's magnificent The Devils again earlier this week. Oddly, I'd also been reminiscing about the days of watching movies repeatedly in the theater, not knowing when one might be able to see it again.

Then, before I got a chance to decide whether or not to write about either, The SLIFR 100: #55 The Devils (and some thoughts on the Dark Ages B.B.-- Before Betamax) by Dennis Cozzalio came along discussing both.

For the record, I bet this petition for an uncut DVD of the movie would get at least twice the signatures if it didn't have the annoying four lines of comments required. I recommend signing it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Ken himself told me about this petition and so I advertised it all over the Internete in applicable places like Wikipedia. I tried to contact the originator of the petition but with no luck so made an executive desision to take it over and I sent it off to Warner Bros about 2 months ago. When I discovered the petition it had 142 signatures and now it has 699 - I'm quite proud!


Neil Sarver said...

There seems to be something in the air regarding The Devils. Not only the link I posted, but Where's The DVD? Ken Russell's The Devils by Jeremy Richey and undoubtedly more. Certainly it was that feeling that convinced me to sit down and watch the movie again on VHS. I hope that someone at WB takes the petition seriously and/or gets the feeling in the air and makes it happen.

It is very exciting that it has drawn that many more signatures in such a short period. You are right to feel proud. That's excellent!

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