Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thoughts on movies

Letter to Hollywood by Jim Emerson.

I agree with most of his suggestions here. My feelings on "Don't push audiences over the edge" are more... complex than what he expresses in the article, however I couldn't agree more with any advice than I do with "Use more nudity" and "Watch HBO".

(Also worth checking out the discussion in the comments of More sex, please. We're American., as well as a different response at Hollywood: Just shut it down.)

We want our film to be beautiful not realistic by Daniel Vella is an interesting exploration of one of the few trends in modern cinema that gives me any hope for the future. Mind you, of course most of these works are mere copycats of the last one, but the fact that cinema seems increasingly to breaking free of the prevalent but insipid notion that realistic is somehow inherently better.

And, as a footnote, and as a cheap way to fulfill a request, when it comes to seeing Rob Zombie's Halloween, I see little I disagree with in Quick Thoughts On The Upcoming Halloween Remake by Jeremy Richey. One way or the other, if I go to the movies this weekend and do the pickin' myself, I shall be seeing Death Sentence by James Wan.

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