Sunday, October 28, 2007

Action figures

I like the idea of having action figures. I do have a few, and pondering redecorating that will need to be done soon, I was pondering what things I'd like to slowly build up.

Unfortunately, while at one time I would have piled up on the figures that already do exist, there are only a limited number I'd feel worth spending any money on these days. I love this Lone Wolf and Cub set. I like the idea of this Edgar Allen Poe figure, but can't quite imagine wanting him by himself. He'd need to go on a shelf of literary figure action figures for me.

I think someone should do figures of Sasori from Female Prisoner #701 - Scorpion and Ochô from Sex & Fury. I could definitely find a happy place on my shelf for those.


Cinebeats said...

Well, you could always do what I did and create your own Sasori figure. I customized one of my dolls to sort of look like her since I wanted a Sasori doll so bad. You can find her here.

I love action figures, but I'm more of a doll nut. Sadly, for the last year I haven't much extra spending money to feed my doll habit.

Neil Sarver said...

Yeah, I more like the idea of imagining being able to afford to decorate with such things than anything else.

That Sasori doll is really awesome! I wish I were crafty enough to do things like that.

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