Monday, October 22, 2007

Erik the Conqueror

A decent amount of blog space has been going to The Mario Bava Collection, Volume 2, and for good reason. There are many excellent movies on there, and word has it that the new transfers on them will amazing.

But then I have seen them all, in fact, I've seen four of them in a theater, avoiding some, although not necessarily all, of the failings of the previous DVD editions. But that's not to say I'm not excited, especially in regards to the new commentaries by Tim Lucas, which promise to be very interesting.

But I'm terribly excited about the day and date co-release of Bava's Erik the Conqueror. The fact that it's widely reputed to be a rip-off of The Vikings, which is one of my favorite movies, only makes it all the more exciting.


Jonathan Lapper said...

Geez, I've got to see more Bava. Everyone seems to have seen much more than I have. And you've seen them all - and four in theater!?! How's that even possible? Was it at a festival? And if I had any money at all I'd buy that gorgeous looking book. Maybe soon.

Marty McKee said...

I've seen ERIK a couple of times, and even though I'm not partial to Viking movies, this one is great fun. Striking action scenes, remarkable color and sets, great music. The ending is protracted, and someone else dubs Cameron Mitchell, but I still like the movie.

Neil Sarver said...

Jonathan, I've not seen all of Bava's stuff, although at this point definitely the majority. I have seen everything that's on the two recent collections. And, yes, there was a festival at the Grand Illusion theater here in Seattle in 2002. I saw four from the first DVD set as well. I think that was the whole of it, 8 movies. A month of double features. It was pretty dang sweet, I must say. So, I was lucky in that way, the rest is just having been a fan for a while.

Marty, cool. It should be in my mailbox this afternoon and in my DVD player tonight. Yay!

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