Friday, October 12, 2007

Forbidden subjects

New to DVD are Twilight Zone: The Movie and a 25th Anniversary edition of Poltergeist. Despite the fact that there are indeed many interesting things to discuss about both movies, neither DVD will feature anyone of interest discussing anything of interest.

Certainly hearing Joe Dante or George Miller discussing their segments from Twilight Zone would be of interest to many. Understandably, however, no one wants to discuss that nor to be caught too conspicuously avoiding talking about that, so I expect the movie will continue to go largely undiscussed.

While I'm sure no one wants to discuss alleged curses or the genuinely sad deaths of the cast members or allegations that they relate to movie or its subject matter in some manner, there doesn't seem much likeliness that anyone would reasonably be worried about how it would come across to not talk about them in that way. The subject that must be avoided and will seem conspicuous in its absence is the controversy over the nature of the collaboration between director Tobe Hooper and writer/producer Steven Spielberg.

Mind you, I've never read anything credible that suggests a significantly different collaboration than director Spielberg enjoyed with co-writer/producer George Lucas on Raiders of the Lost Ark, as merrily discussed by both in the special features for The Adventures of Indiana Jones - The Complete DVD Movie Collection, however the more popular Spielberg manages to come out on top in discussions of both collaborations.

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