Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I couldn't hate J.J. Abrams more

Not even if there was money in, which sadly, of course, there's not.

Anyway, I made the mistake of looking at First Look: The Cast of JJ Abrams' Star Trek by Peter Sciretta.

Aren't we sophisticated enough, or don't we at least pretend to be sophisticated enough, to tell the difference between Asian people and their specific ethnicities? At least when Sulu's daughter was obviously Korean, I could speculate that her mother was Korean. Are we just assuming that Sulu himself is Korean now? Because John Cho doesn't look at all Japanese to me! I suppose we're just playing to the lowest common denominator and not caring, huh?

I'm ten for ten in seeing Star Trek movies theatrically, and I couldn't be more angry at Abrams and Paramount Pictures for creating the first that I'm more than ambivalent or slightly apathetic toward, but antipathetic about.


r_sail said...

I dunno, I don't find that as offensive as everyone else seems to. BEcause frankly, i jsut don't care. Simon Pegg isn't Scottish, and neither was James Doohan... in fact, he's a Candaian born Irishman... but nobody feels that's at all wrong. Most people seem to think it's just right as rain. But you can't be racist when it comes to white people, can you?

Bottom line for me? Actors pretending to be fictional characters in the future.

Neil Sarver said...

In fairness to accuracy, I already hated J.J. Abrams and have been disinclined toward the idea of doing a prequel to the original Star Trek and especially with him involved.

That said, the difference is in the word "obvious". I look at John Cho and he's obviously not Japanese to my eye. I look a Simon Pegg and Jimmy Doohan and they don't scream Scottish, but they don't scream not Scottish either. I have, in fact, been known to take issue with obviously miscast white ethnicities. I just don't think these are them.

r_sail said...

I agree, just saying that I've seen a lot of complaining about Cho's casting being racist, and I don't think it's any more or less racist than Pegg's. I think Pegg looks fine and will be fine in the role. I don't think Cho looks Japanese, but who knows what they'll do to him in makeup... but why they'd need to go to that length when there are plenty of Japanese actors out there, I'll never know.

I'm also not very into a Star Trek prequel so.... again, my lack of caring.

TheNecromancer said...

It kills me inside as a Trek fan. I will disregard the poor casting and focus on rumors of what I heard about the movie and liberties the writer seemed to take from it. J J Abrams should die, I heard that this movie involves Captain Pike being the first Captain and disregarding that the entire Enterprise series ever happened. Captain Kirk then takes over and continues the story and this is all linked with Leonard Nemoy with some sort of time travel. Not sure how much of this is true but what is true is they are disregarding that the entire Enterprise series never happened and though it was poorly written I will admit, it was associated with Gene Roddenberry and I will hold it dear as a appendage to the Star Trek timeline which is also supported by the other Star Trek plots and successfully ties others together. Like the missing Klingon forehead ridges, the first Federation alliances, the Vulcan philosophies, plus many others. I hate J J Abrams and the fact that Sulu is played by John Cho, a person that is hardly successful due to his fame from White Castle really shows that the casting was not thought through. Kirk is played by a guy who last had a role in Princess Diaries 2, are you serious? It makes just as much sense as having the lead actor from Kate and Leopald playing X-Men's Wolverine, oh wait, he did. The Doom actor playing Dr. McCoy, atleast that makes sense, he's used to playing in Director liberty written produced pieces of theatrical shit movies so, I'm sure he feels right at home. I have many complaints but, all in all, I hope he just dies.

Anonymous said...

pike was second captain of the enterprise after captain april. archer was captain of a different vessel that had the same name

john cho wasnt a bad choice because its racist hes a bad choce because he niether looks nor acts like sulu

this movie is ignoring so much canon i dont know where to begin

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