Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Eli

I have to say that after watching Hostel, part II again on DVD, my admiration for it only grew. I still don't think it's flawless, but I do think it's a giant leap up from his first two movies and, in many ways, the announcement of an exciting new moviemaker in the way the first two felt like the beginnings of a guy with potential who was worth watching, but that's the real deal.

I've moved on from being clinically interested in his next step to being actively excited to see what he does next.

I also thought his choices in 24 Hours Of Horror With Eli Roth by Keith Phipps are excellent, well conceived and, even more importantly, well explained.

(And the editor there is only half right about Britt Ekland, which make the insertion of the parenthetical a bit offensive frankly.)


Cinebeats said...

Roth's "24 Hours of Horror" line-up was terrific! Not only does the guy have great taste, but I think he genuinely enjoys the films he mentioned.

I really hope he doesn't let the ridiculous reviews of Hostel II and all the negativity get to him, because I totally agree with you. He's got something and I'm looking forward to watching him develop as a filmmaker over the next 10+ years. Even with it's flaws, Hostel II is easily one of the best new horror films I've seen all year.

Neil Sarver said...


Not only would I love to go to that exact festival - Those choices are terrific! - but I enjoyed how well he considered the value of each movie as a piece, and also how to make them work for each other within the framework of a festival. It's a terrific interview.

I've been watching the special features on the DVD, too, and he brings that same kind of thought to bear on his own work. It's very insightful and entertaining stuff. I've gotta say, I've come to like him a lot.

Jeremy Richey said...

I totally agree. I re-watched HOSTEL 2 on DVD the other night and am more and more finding it to be among the most satisfying horror films of the decade...while I don't think it is flawless either, most of my initial problems have disappeared.
I am going to be posting more on it as I thought the new uncut version was superior to the theatrical cut and the discs extras are far as his list goes, I was very impressed as well...I have come to really like this guy, I can't wait to see what the future holds for him...

Cinebeats said...

I ended up leaving a comment for Eli on his myspace page to tell him how much I liked his "24 hour Film Festival." I have no idea if he'll read it or even see it, but I couldn't resist. I'm looking forward to checking out Hostel II on DVD soon!

Neil Sarver said...

Jeremy, I hadn't even considered, to any significant degree, the extent to which my improved opinion was based on the new uncut version, although I'm sure that also comes into play.

Kimberly, he does insist somewhere on the Hostel, part II DVD, probably in his solo commentary, that he does indeed read all of his comments, so hopefully. I decided to follow suit with a comment of my own, thanks for the inspiration.

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