Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Uncle John

Another brief note on family.

In looking over the page as it is at this moment, I note that while it's clear that the first paragraph of my tribute to my Auntie Karen was intended as a transition from the the normal subject matter of this blog. I can't help note, however, how obvious it is in retrospect that my Uncle John was terribly important to my taste in movies. I can specifically recall watching Food of the Gods, as noted, and Dr. Terror's House of Horrors with him, and him having already seen both and giving kind of an overview first, the former, he said isn't good but is entertaining and the latter was quite good, but had no real relationship to the title.


Richard Harland Smith said...

Hi Neil...

Isn't it strange to be mourning at Halloween, a time of year in which people like us enjoy tales of grief and dread? Now we know the taste and it'll change the way we relate to this holiday without diminishing our enthusiasm for it. It's important to remember that writers like Le Fanu, Poe, Lovecraft and even Stoker weren't "doing" Goth because it was cool, but because it seemed the proper response to unbearable grief. So hang tough and Happy Halloween!

Neil Sarver said...

Thank you very much for this thoughtful reply.

It is a peculiar combination of feelings. I know that on Tuesday I rented 1408 without thinking... it was simply a movie I'd been intending to rent as soon as it came out on DVD. As it was starting, the actual details of the trailer flashed in my head and I thought, "Is this perhaps a bad idea? Well, I'll go as long as I can." In the end, I found it fairly cathartic.

On the other hand, the more realistic looking Jindabyne I'm still avoiding for the time being, despite more than a little interest in the material.

So, as it goes, I think it is a good way of dealing with the grief, even if one that occasionally causes others to gaze askance.

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