Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I really didn't hate Rise: Blood Hunter at all. In fact, I must say I enjoyed it considerably more than 28 Weeks Later, not to mention Underworld and much of whatever this silly vampire subgenre is called.

Not high praise, I understand, but then not intended to be.

I did like the way they unfolded the story out of order. In an age where many movies use this merely to seem arty and recognize themselves as part of the post-Tarantino world, I thought this actually did have dramatic use to do so.

There are only two things that really bugged me, both of which risk making me sound like a pervy loser, and only the second deserves to.

The first: In an early scene Lucy Liu's character is unknown to us. She takes a prostitute up to an old house. She sits back and orders her to strip. As we expect in movies, this means she strips to her underwear. Is that what real life hookers do when you tell them to strip? Whatever, she then commands, "Everything." To which the prostitute removes her bra and... nothing more. This isn't the first time I've seen this sequence of events, in fact, it is a weird kind of cliché, but it seems to undermine its own purpose. We're supposed to gather the force of her personality and authority and yet it shows the prostitute flagrantly disobeying her order and her doing nothing about it.

Mind you, I'm not saying the scene requires the woman take off her garter belt or thong. If the actress is unwilling to go full frontal or the producers are concerned about the MPAA, then all I need is a change in dialogue. "Keep going" would seem to work, in my mind.

The other is that there's a scene in which Liu and Carla Gugino have sex while splattered in blood. Frankly, that scene should have been the hottest thing I've seen all year - Yes, there is something wrong with me, why do you ask? - but I got more of a, um, rise out of typing that sentence than I got watching the scene itself, all choppily edited and lit in red to de-emphasize the blood. Yawn!

But overall, I found it more than adequately amusing.


ARBOGAST said...

it shows the prostitute flagrantly disobeying her order

Maaaaan, I hate it when they do that. Fuckendisobedienthookers, man... that's why you gotta cut'em!

Neil Sarver said...

Wow! Much more than I regret the suggestion that prostitutes should be required to submit to their clients, which is regretable, I'm sorry I made that moment sound vastly more dramatic than it, of course is. Damn me and my extreme language!

r_sail said...

Jeez, how do you screw up the potentially hottest sex scene of all time? I guess like that, but wow... what a complete shame.

Neil Sarver said...

Tell me about it!

Drewbacca said...

Ok, better than 28 Weeks Later? The clip I saw of this film a month or two back had me intrigued and now this tidbit has bumped that up a notch to interested.

If I can bring myself to rent this over a lot of other stuff I need to see right now, I'll drop back in and leave my commentary.

~Andrew James

Neil Sarver said...

Well... It's probably worth noting, as I have nothing resembling the patience I'd need to write an actual review, that I couldn't stand 28 Weeks Later. It was just interminable.

In fact, I threw Underworld into the mix, simply to have a movie that I didn't actually hate to note my preference of it to.

As I said, not intended as high praise.

But I would be interested in your opinion still

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