Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rodriguez, Rose and Barbarella

I'm in many ways repeating myself, but has anyone at all heard what the concept for the new Robert Rodriguez version of Barbarella is going to be at all?

I keep reading articles, such as Who Should Star in Barbarella? by Erik Davis, that casually refer to it as a remake of Barbarella by Roger Vadim, but is it? At all?

I know that there's debate about what defines a remake and whether works based on another work are remakes or reinterpretations of the source. It's one of those slippery points. Hardly anyone suggests any versions of Dracula are remakes of the previous, and yet Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Philip Kaufman and The Fly by David Cronenberg are consistently agreed upon to be "remakes".

But, in this case, it comes down to the fact that Tim Burton's Batman would be universally agreed not to be a remake of Batman: The Movie or The Batman, for that matter. If this is not a retelling of the same tale of Barbarella then it is not a remake. But then is it a retelling? Is there really no information of this?

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Neil Sarver said...

For those wondering, I'm not convinced this project is promising, although the more it becomes something other than a retelling the same material found in the last movie.

Checking Jean-Claude Forest's bibliography confirms that, as I suspected, there are four Barbarella comic book stories... Well, here I confess that I didn't actually suspect there were four specifically, but simply that there was more than one but less than ten. So, there is indeed material to do something else even without actually having to write something of one's own.

As to the current state of news, I'm torn... I'm impressed that Rodriguez is sticking to his guns over Rose McGowan, because I personally think she seems like a better choice than most of the other names I've heard thrown out. I think I'd have been more impressed if he'd taken the smaller budget as a gesture of faith in her, the concept and his own abilities.

Frankly, if it was my money, I wouldn't be convinced this movie would have what it takes to make back a $100 million budget either, and I'd be surprised if any further studio he goes to will believe otherwise.

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