Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Say it like you mean it!

I don't get Species: The Awakening. I don't mean I'm confused by the events contained within, but I don't get why it is the movie it is. I don't understand who it expects to appeal to. I assume that as a male sci-fi geek who rents more movies than he ought to, I must be who they expect to grab it off the shelf, but I can't see me or anyone like me recommending it to anyone.

The two obvious ways to go: The easy way, just embrace the hot blond alien chick who gets naked all the time angle and rock it. The hard way, make something profoundly and surprisingly intelligent and imaginative. Either way, I'm recommending it to someone.

But this is just... well... nothing. It's moderately approaching competent, but so what?

Then look at something like Evil Aliens, which also isn't very good even under the low standards it sets for itself, but goddamn does it commit to being what it is all the way. Ok, casting not one, not two, but three women in parts in which there's almost no excuse for their characters to not have fully exposed breasts in at least one scene and all of them cheesily wind up in implausible bras and whatnot. That's slightly less than balls out, but for the most part it does really commit to what it is, so while I'm not convinced it's better than Species 4, it's certainly more fun to watch and offers something to recommend.

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