Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stars and butts

Ok, I'm getting bored of this myself. I was repeating myself before, but it continues, and my compulsion to comment continues.

Rodriguez Speaks Out on Barbarella Kerfuffle by Monika Bartyzel. Frankly, I think there's something unseemly about the way movie fans rush to keep moviemakers in their ghettos, sometimes they're stylistic ghettos, others, such as this, its a budgetary ghetto.

I started seeing it in earlier posts, not specifically this one. But it's the "Hey, I love Robert, but Grindhouse showed he's never going to make it in the big time..." All perfectly valid in just a discussion, a wager or working out how much to invest on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, but there's a quality in the tone often times that suggests offense at moviemakers getting "uppity".

If you want my discussion opinion/likely wager/"investment" advice, I submit that it would be unwise to spend $100 million on a movie based on a semi-obscure comic book, that itself has higher erotic content than a mainstream movie could likely handle, that will be seen by the majority of the world as a remake, regardless of whether it is a remake by any standard, of a cult movie that was neither a critical nor box-office success in its time and continues to be seen in a negative light by mainstream audiences.

But then I don't see how any of these stories suggests anyone is doing anything wrong in all of this! Rodriguez is shopping his project to various studios in an effort to get the best deal possible. Fair enough. The studios are interested, but skeptical of the project at too high a budget. Makes sense. It seems that the online community can draw up some ire in this, and, like I said, a remarkable amount of pre-Schadenfreude toward Rodriguez in this, a remarkable amount of which is aimed at Grindhouse, for some reason.

Anonymous poster EJ is an Idjit insists it requires a name to "put asses in seats". I'm less convinced than "conventional wisdom" is that any name puts asses in seats. But in this case, I'm even less sure that if any at all do that any of the ones that do are up for or interested in portraying Barbarella.

Eh! Hopefully the studio and Rodriguez will come to some kind of agreement and we can all wait and debate the merits of an actual movie rather than a developing project that no one seems to even know the details of what story it will or will not be telling.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that, while there aren't necessarily any names available for this project that would in themselves put butts in seats, a name with an appeal in a larger appeal among women might make it a slightly easier "date movie" draw and thus boosting the first weekend box office by a tad. I personally think it'd be better to use an actor, such as Rose McGowan, who would seem to fit the part, and then make an actual movie that women enjoy and thus recommend to other women.

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