Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blade Runner

Unlike most movie geeks around my age, I love Blade Runner!

Oh, yeah...

I mean, even after seeing the new "Final Cut" at the Cinerama, I can think of little to add to the subject at the moment, aside from the fact that it's beautiful.

That's not entirely true, that was definitely the best sound system I've ever heard it on, and the Vangelis score, that I've heard any dozens of time and own on CD, has never sounded more beautiful and perfect.


Piper said...

So was that sarcasm or are there truly people your age that don't love Blade Runner. I myself love it. I'll be excited to see the "final" cut but there never truly seems to be a "final" cut. Maybe this is it.

Neil Sarver said...

Yes, I'm sorry, that was sarcasm.

I mean, there are people my age - and every age, I'm sure - who don't care for it, but I'd say the majority, especially of the geeky persuasion do. And, in this case, I felt challenged in that I wasn't sure what I could say to add to the wealth of material written about the movie already.

Watching this version, I can't imagine what anyone would need to do further to the movie. The original version of the movie - or the "European version", which was most familiar to video viewers - has its familiarity and the VO and the ending both have their defenders, and I am looking forward to revisiting it on the new DVD set.

The "director's cut" was always problematic. Ridley Scott had a pretty limited budget and time schedule in which to turn a preview print into a "director's cut" and it shows in any number of places, the editing is wonky in places and the sound editing is flat-out bad in many others. Not to mention little things like the Legend clip having to replace the actual, at that time, lost unicorn footage shot for Blade Runner.

So, this version fixes all of that. Uses some scenes from the "European version" that were lost in the "director's cut" edit. It's all very smooth and definitely finished as a movie with no left over preview/work print moments left. It also redubs a couple of lines and fixes the photos and stunt with Joanna Cassidy, which I'm sure could start some controversy, but it is all quite respectfully done and none plays like elements leaping in out of a different movie.

I can't imagine what another version could accomplish that doesn't exist in one of the versions that will soon be available on DVD.

Damian said...

It was a pretty awesome experience, wasn't it? Last Friday my father and I drove two hours to see the Final Cut of Blade Runner at a theatre called "Cinema 21" in Portland. It was my first time seeing it on the big screen and I sewriously felt like I was watching it for it for the very first time (my dad, on the other hand, saw it twice upon its first release). I agree with you that the movie can't get any better than this version, which I think is superior to the theatrical, international and director's cuts of the film. Like you, Neil, I'm looking forward to revisiting them all on DVD along with Dangerous Days, the documentary on the making of the film.

Neil Sarver said...

Thanks for stopping in. I, too, am very much looking forward to the documentary, as I recall it's by Paul Sammon, who wrote the superb Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, so it should have plenty of interesting things to say.

Damian said...

...as I recall it's by Paul Sammon, who wrote the superb Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, so it should have plenty of interesting things to say.

See now, THAT I did not know, but that's great to hear. Future Noir is one of my personal favorite books and one of the most comprehensive and informative books written about ANY film.

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