Friday, November 02, 2007


After a lot of love it or hate it buzz around the world, I had neither feeling for Spider-Man 3. It was mostly rather dull and content to repeat emotional beats that had already been done better in the first two movies.

Mind you, the origin of Venom was lame. Not lame in way like Beyonder and all that crap that geeks hate trying to explain to non-geeks, because, well, it's really lame and the fact that we even know about it makes us just a little lamer. This is more of a lazy, "We don't care about any of this, so let's just get it over with." kind of way.

Which is basically how most of the movie felt to me.

The segment in which Peter Parker grows infected by the symbiote rises above that spirit briefly.

This was the first of these movies in which James Franco didn't feel horribly miscast. Unfortunately the part he was given is erratic and filled with shifting and unclear character arcs, leaving it a bit of a lost cause.

He's one of the two I felt bad for while watching the movie.

The other was Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko.

I'm sure if he saw it, the sequence with his Sandman asking for Spider-Man's forgiveness and... Well, the point is, it wasn't a scene I'm guessing that the creator of Mr. A would have cared a bit for.

But then he may or may not be even more peeved that he's not getting a check for a movie about his co-creation for which others are getting millions. I know that doesn't sit right by me, but in Hollywood and at Marvel Comics, as in too much of America, it's not about what you should owe someone, it's about what you have to acknowledge you owe someone.

May I recommend any of you who aren't already inclined to check Tim Lucas's blog before mine, as I myself certainly would, if I weren't privy to my blogs as they're written, check out An Open Letter to Steve Ditko on His 80th Birthday. It's a much better tribute than I could offer and one that couldn't be more deserved.


Drewbacca said...

In the top 3 worst movies I've seen in 2007. Trash heap of a film. I'm surprised you're as indifferent as you are.

~Andrew James

Neil Sarver said...

Eh... I don't even know what I've seen off the top of my head. As I said, I liked the (too brief) sequence of Petey in the symbiote suit and thought James Franco finally felt right in the part, the big gaping in flaw in the first two, especially the second. Certainly nothing in it I found, er, spectacular... or amazing, for that matter.

And, yeah, it's a mess, it tries to do too much and doesn't really end up doing anything. All of the characters are painfully underdeveloped in order that they can all be included at all.

But then it's a big Hollywood blockbuster. It didn't feel significantly worse than the average overworked corporate product that gets fed to us. Just sort of on the low side of average.

Neil Sarver said...

And I said the explanation of Venom was lamer than the one with The Beyonder! I must make a point to reiterate that as an occasional comic book geek, calling something lamer than anything from the Secret Wars is about as low as I go.

But, I guess, I thought some things worked a little more adequately... I actually thought Pete and MJ worked slightly better than they did in the second, where there chemistry seemed to be nil. It's also one of those weeks where it's harder than usual to break my indifference border from either side, so it may have gotten a bit of a pass that way, I'm not sure.

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