Thursday, December 13, 2007

Candice Rialson and recognition of past stars

As others have noted of theirs, my Candice Rialson tribute receives substantially more hits than my other posts, despite having nothing of substance there.

This week, both Thinking of Candice by Marty McKee and Faces I Love #10: The Candice Rialson Edition by Dennis Cozzalio respond in some manner to recent comments left by her brother, Scott Rialson, on their earlier tributes.

As noted elsewhere he wrote, "I don't think she ever knew of such following as she never became acclimated to computers and as such never had any access to find out."

But prior to the rather sizable outpouring of genuine affection that came after we all learned of her passing, what was there? Several references to her credits and sites that had posted topless vidcaps. Hardly the kind of warm memories and heartfelt tributes to her charm and genuine talent that we saw at the time that her untimely passing came to all of our attentions.

Perhaps if Code Red DVD had gotten in touch with her before, there would have been people involved in that contact who obviously appreciated her talents. Perhaps if she'd made an appearance on a Pets DVD, all of us would have expressed how seeing her back on camera reminded us of all our warm feelings for her.

But none of that happened... so I'm not sure that there was much the more computer savvy Candy could have found if she'd learned to Google herself. Not a lot of praise for her winning personality and acting talent, all of which stood out whether she was playing against the most seasoned veterans or the most wooden hack. Not a grand outpouring of wishes that she'd had a longer or more successful career.

Not until she was no longer around to find them herself or have any family, friends or acquaintances happen upon their message along.

I mention all of this, not to wallow in the sadness or to chastise us, as movie fans, for our failings.

But perhaps all of us could take this as a reminder that there are more of these people out there. People who are famous to us, as fans, but have for whatever reason slipped into obscurity without having gotten the kind of recognition they deserve. Perhaps it would be a good thing if more of us in the online community took the time to occasionally fill in the gaps; write glowing celebrations of people whose work we've admired but who seem to have fallen off the map.

I'm by no means suggesting this isn't done. There are a couple of fine blogs with regular features along those lines and several others that do similar things, from time to time. But it certainly is something to keep in mind, if only for myself, as something that could have more value than simply filling up blog space from time to time.


Cinebeats said...

Wonderful post Neil and it's great to see you writing again regularly!

I completely agree with your sentiments, and frankly that's why I often try and focus on forgotten or little-seen films in my own blog instead of writing about popular hits from the '60s and '70s that have already received plenty of praise from countless critics.

I've been surprised and frankly humbled to hear from a few filmmakers who came across my posts and were thankful for the nice things I've said about their films this year.

Neil Sarver said...

Thank you and thank you.

Yours is of course one of the blogs I was thinking of when I noted that some bloggers are doing exactly that and it's one of the things I enjoy most about reading your blog... and frankly what I enjoy most at most of the other blogs I enjoy the most, too.

Moviezzz said...

Great points Neil.

I have a regular feature on my blog called "What Ever Happened To" where I write profiles of stars who have disappeared or retired. It has turned into my most popular feature. I plan on doing more with it next year.

This past year, I even got to interview one of the people I profiled, which was a lot of fun.

I'm often more interested in stars who walk away from it all, than those who seem to appear in films every year.

Neil Sarver said...

Indeed, your feature was another I was thinking of.

There is indeed something fascinating about people walking away and the various reasons they may have for it. Some obviously happier than others, but I'd guess most would like to hear that what they did was appreciated by people out there.

Jeremy Richey said...

Great post Neil,
I love Candice and have been frustrated by how hard it is to find real good material on her online. I have done a couple of small posts dedicated towards here and want to do more...
I try to pay tribute to lesser known figures as much as possible at Moon In The Gutter and like Kimberly have been very humbled to have received some contact from my blog is turning one year old I hope to next year feature even more of the often overlooked...again great post.

Neil Sarver said...

Yes, you also do a nice job with that and I always enjoy your spotlights on people.

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