Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jon Sable

I should note how thankful I am to David Zuzelo for his post Demons of Sherwood begins! Mind you, I have not gotten around to reading Demons of Sherwood, although I must say it looks interesting.

I'm most excited to read News by Mike Gold, which essentially amounts to a blog by Mike Gold, who I've loved since... well... for a long damn time.

Oddly, I'm already on a Jon Sable, Freelance kick, so plan to Jon Sable: Ashes of Eden as soon as I'm out of books. Mike Grell is seriously all kinds of awesome. I'll also have to get around to re-reading Shaman's Tears and checking out Bar Sinister as well. I encourage you all to take the chance, too.

Look at me! I'm all kinds of giddy and still a few steps further from reading "Demons of Sherwood" than I'd like to be...


Mike Gold said...

Wow. Thanks for the kind words, and the info about where to find Star of David Beautiful Girl Hunter.

And any fan of the MC5 is okay by me.

BTW, after Ashes of Eden Grell is going to do something he hasn't done for quite a while -- he'll be drawing something he didn't write. Two projects, actually: a graphic novel by Mark Ryan (the actor who, among other things, did Bumblebee in Transformers) and a Munden's Bar story featuring some of his concepts. That one will be written by another MC5 fan...

Neil Sarver said...

My pleasure. Thanks for stopping in.

Green Arrow was the first comic I ever turned to the letter column before reading the issue, which is saying something, because I enjoy the comics themselves a lot.

Both of those projects sound intriguing. I looked up Mark Ryan after reading that. He certainly does seem like the type Mike Grell would get on with and that project does sound intriguing.

And, yes, MC5 were absolutely amazing.

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