Saturday, January 05, 2008


There are things I don't talk about much, as they get no traction among my social group. Key on this list are musical theater and football.

But occasionally one has to just stand up and go, "Go, Hawks! Fuck yeah!"


Jonathan Lapper said...

Well football will get definite traction from me. I love it. I'm even okay with musical theatre.

So the Hawks are taking on the Pack? I wish you all the best and hope they can do it. I've never been much of a Packers fan myself.

Cinephile said...

I love this line:

"Key on this list are musical theater and football."

I know what you mean! I find I can talk to people about both, but not the same people about both. Somehow, making the segue from Sunday In The Park With George to Sunday on the Field with the Browns is tricky. But congrats on your team's victory-- I am a Browns fan, and you have one of our old QBs (Frye-- has he played at all?), so I hope you do well.

Great blog!

Jonathan Lapper said...

So the three of us can discuss Into the Woods and Icky Woods together. How 'bout that?

Neil Sarver said...

Thanks to you both. I'm glad not to be alone. Maybe I'll start a whole blog dedicated to football and musical theater.

For the record, I live in the urban "cool" part of town - although not for long - so the football one, I kind of get. Intellectuals and hipsters like to look down on football... although I think they're missing out. It's the best of all worlds, periods of contemplation and strategy followed by a flurry of tremendous action. It's beautifully perfect in a way that no other sport quite is.

But it's also the gay part of town, so the musical theater thing seems particularly unfair. I was just in the middle of a conversation with two gay friends who were discussing their ambivalence, Johnny Depp on the one hand, musical on the other, and wanting to go mad from desire to cry out the glory of Sondheim and... *sigh*

It's an interesting post-season for the Seahawks here. We turned around in the second half of the season, but mostly against mediocre teams. We won a sloppy victory in our first playoff game, but ultimately a decisive one. We'll see. I'm excited to watch and see if they can prove their turnaround as decisive as well.

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