Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free at last

So, I've finally got a good region free DVD player. The player before my last was kind of clunky overall and especially clunky when it played non-region one DVDs, which it would only play straight through on the default settings for language, etc. without pausing. This did lead to a fascinating opportunity to watch Dellamorte Dellamore in Italian without subtitles.

The next player I had was bought after that one stopped working entirely and I was broke and it was ok at best and didn't play off region at all.

Now, this one is great. I'm very happy.

So far, I've watched -

I, the Jury with Armand Assante, which I liked even less than I remember from years gone by, and it's not like I remember being terribly excited about it then either.

Beatrice Cenci by Lucio Fulci is a movie I'd like to write more about soon. It's a fascinating movie and it's interesting to ponder what Fulci might have done in a world in which this movie had succeeded.

I've also begun watching the Honey West with Anne Francis, which is, of course, terrific and may inspire more writing soon...

The issue I have with my player is that with it being so easy to play any DVD, it loses something. I want it to do something like pretend it's exerting itself to unlock these secrets from around the globe. At least the first few times.

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Steve Langton said...

My Bush DVD player is region free and it's a godsend, allowing me to import regions 1 and 3 to add to my region 2 discs. It seems any DVD player made in China will be multi-region and the Bush plays anything I throw at it.

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