Friday, February 22, 2008

I hate Seattle!

Mind you, this is specific to Seattle mostly because it's where I live. From the best of my understanding of the world outside this fair city, it's more a commentary on the times than the place.

I was making a run to Scarecrow Video and decided to make a run through the University District for weird crap, mostly posters, as I'm slowly working on re-decorating the new place. I remember when I was a young fellow, one could trip over head shops and hole in the wall record stores with huge selections of posters, in varying conditions and whatnot.

(Not that it's what I'm looking for, but has anyone else noticed that all posters of Bettie Page kind of suck?)

Anyway, there used to be a feeling of digging through things and that you could find anything among the madness.

But now, really, hardly any of either kind of shop and what remains of them suck. They've either gone to a semi-corporate feel or have moved into the smallest spaces available. None have anything magical or "dangerous".

I may go to the International District on a quest soon, but, honestly, my expectations are for more of about the same.

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