Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I almost burned my eardrums out with a molten needle in order to make the music of Juno stop.

Look, there are great songs in there, including long-time favorites by The Velvet Underground and The Kinks, but frankly presented in such a cloying manner that it nearly made me cry that such brilliant songs had been wasted, even tainted a little.

I won't revisit the question of why there was nothing by The Stooges, The Runaways, Patti Smith or even anything that resembled them. That point is so obvious that I'm sure it's been made repeatedly up and down blogs across this old Internet already. I will note that 1977 seems a little late a perfect year for this triptych, but I won't argue that point either.

I will note that Sonic Youth and Mott the Hoople get squarely screwed. Beside the nice name drops, they are both represented by small snatches of their most overplayed material, but not even clearly enough to make out why anyone would think it was special in the first place.

Jason Reitman totally sucks!

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Piper said...

Damn, that's sweet music to my ears.

The more time that passes the more I hate this movie and one of the things I hate most is this soundtrack. Every track trying so hard to be different and unique.

Listening to Kimya Dawson sing is like your drunk aunt attempting to sing at a family reunion. Five seconds in, you want to reach for the heaviest piece in the room and throw it at her to get her to shut up.

I will say that Michael Cera and Ellen Page's version of "Anyone else but you" is a hell of a lot better than the so called professionals and there's something I just like about that song.

But I can leave the rest.

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