Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rocky talk

I was watching the entertaining recent documentary Midnight Movies and was reminded of both the appeal of the cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and why I ultimately could never abide with it, despite the appeal.

It's actually quite simple. The dress up and performing along all of that is highly appealing. In many ways it does, as suggested in the movie, brings back a certain energy from a live performance, such as, obviously, The Rocky Horror Show. I'm totally with this part.

But then there's the witless call-back lines. Here's where the possibility stands that I am missing something. I can't abide with talking back to movies in public at all, but I'm intellectually willing to suspend that as part of this broader communal guerilla theater experience.


They're stupid lines!

They're like heckles by someone who thinks they're smarter than a movie that is, in fact, considerably smarter than them. They're insipid and, as noted, witless.

They are in fact, so utterly lacking in value of their own that one suspects, or wants to suspect, that they somehow are intended as an ironic anti-heckling statement of some sort, but the cult at no point offers the suggestion of such a clever scheme in demeanor or in discussing this element.


My blood-pressure is rising just thinking on this matter, so I give up...

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