Thursday, May 15, 2008

News, memorials and worries

I haven't been keeping up, as I noted, but I felt the need to note a couple of recent passings and a continuing concern.

Addio, Diabolik and More on JPL by Tim Lucas offer tribute to John Phillip Law, who just passed away.

Will Elder, RIP by Mark Evanier pays tribute to Will Elder, who also just passed away.

I'm touched greatly by both of these losses and, while, I'm not sure I have any special insight, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge both them for this moment.

I also wanted to note that Gene Colan is in poor health. Gene Colan needs our help and the continually updated Let's help Gene Colan by Clifford Meth have more details.

I've paid tribute to Gene Colan before, Happy Birthday, Gene Colan, and many other have undoutedly written more eloquent tributes elsewhere, but I certainly hope this call for help through the Internet and the comic book industry will be a success.

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