Friday, May 16, 2008

Speed Racer

I have a theory on why Speed Racer, the new $100,000,000 by Andy and Larry Wachowski seems to be underperforming.

Have you watched an episode of Speed Racer? Have you ever watched an episode of "Speed Racer" and wished it had only five times as long? Have you ever even really wanted to watch another episode immediately afterward?

I know there are "Speed Racer" fans and they can undoubtedly watch huge marathons of them, but I think the big mistake here is thinking that represents anything even similar to mainstream feelings. Frankly, I think most people like the idea and the iconography of the show a lot more than they even like watching it for a single episode, even those who kind of think of themselves as fans, but then I'm being presumptuous...

I think the Wachowski's may have been presumptuous in thinking there are that many people who even nominally think of themselves as fans, though.

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