Thursday, June 05, 2008

Final thought on indie serials... for now!

I think the appeal of this medium, which remains mostly an idea and occasional experiment, for me personally may be different than others.

I'm probably mostly speculating, but I'd bet a lot of independent creators interested in this are, or would be, interested specifically in being able to tackle a huge mural of story on their own, and for me I always watch TV shows that I love with the various writers in mind, and how the group as a whole affects the stories and characters even before one writer sits down to write and how each writer will still likely bring something a little different, and then varying actors and directors will bring their own spin.

To me, that's the excitement of good series TV, how they can develop through many minds into something wholly itself rather than being exactly what it started out to be.

But then I neither imagine myself having a personality well suited to working my way through those ranks nor selling a scheme to an investor, so I think I'll put my mental effort into something more down to earth for the time being...

Hopefully, someone else has more to give this while I'm off doing other things...

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