Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Netflix has strangely, but intriguingly, taken to recommending movies that it doesn't particularly recommend to me. I mean, when I first log on, it will have a suggestion at the top of some movie it has singled out for my enjoyment, however it predicts my rating of it will be less than 3 stars. I'm not complaining at all. I find it much more interesting in many ways, but it is odd on the surface.

One of these that I have followed up on is Natasha. Now, I've been pondering whether to say anything about it, as I'm not sure I liked it in a recommending kind of way. It's only kind of good. The acting remarkably good for its genre, but nothing groundbreaking in the world of acting. The story moves along at a nice clip, but nothing that unbelievable.

I think the reason it keeps popping into my head that I should be recommending it is that it is the Mary Poppins of Russian stripper hiding abroad movies, and there's something so refreshing about a movie that's so overwhelmingly positive about a character who nearly any other movie, especially in its genre, would take the opportunity to impugn greatly, or at least make the drama hinge on whether they were what they seemed, to the audience, to be.


Joseph B. said...

I love the Netflix recommend feature. Yes, agreed.... it does throw out some freakin wacky titles sometimes. That's what makes it so fun.

Neil Sarver said...

No doubt. Especially since it actually has rather figured out that I'm a weirdo and want weirdo shit recommended to me. Frankly, I'm also a big movie geek, so I don't need to be told about normal shit, even when I'm in the mood to seek it out.

But there is something inherently weird about getting a message "Recommended especially for you!" and then seeing the predicted rating I'll give to be two stars, which it suggests to mean "Don't like it". But it is, as it happens, a joyous kind of weirdness.

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