Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kirby and inspiration

I've been reading and looking over both Kirby: King of Comics, written by Mark Evanier and Kirby Five-Oh!, from the folks who bring you The Jack Kirby Collector, again and again, and I can't stop coming back to Kirby's own colored art. It's absolutely amazing to me.

Like this Metron from the New Gods Gallery. Frankly, if a New Gods movie were made, I'd hope they'd use these color guides, especially if it were animated.

But then I'm currently trying to imagine how it works in live action. I'm especially pondering how it works in non-fantastic live action, if at all.

I think, for example of Caesar Gallery, which shows to costume designs Kirby did for a staging of "Julius Caesar" at University of California at Santa Cruz.

I'd love to see that staging and how it worked. The article featured there has no photographs of them in practice.

I can't stop thinking about how much they were able to capture of those designs, and how much the director was able to make the costumes a part of the staging. The imagination reels.

And therein lies one of my problems. My imagination, my writing is so much different than what I dream of it being. My stories are much more down-to-earth... even when I try the fantastic they always drop back down.

I know, in the world we live in now, this dismally bland world of art that's purposefully restrained to satisfy the new lowest-common-denominator tastes for supposed realism, if I wrote things that read like those make me feel, I'd likely never sell a thing...

... but I'd have pages and pages and pages...

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