Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Lost Boys managed to slip in after The Hunger but before the movie Interview With The Vampire, and, as such, played a substantial role in solidifying the Anne Rice motif of young, stylish and attractive vampires into quite the cultural phenomenon it is now... beyond that even, well into trite and hackneyed.

So, obviously the freshness factor that worked in the original's favor was already working against Lost Boys: The Tribe. Seriously against it.

Not to mention the change of reputation in returning co-star Corey Feldman. The major advantage is Feldman seems to have incorporated Edgar Frog as part of his persona, so he's more than a little rehearsed at it 20 years later, and looking remarkably fresh and healthy, actually.

Ultimately, the movie completely lacks life.

I wondered the same thing I wondered after suffering through Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, and variously after a number of similar movies over the years, why do these directors bring so little life to these things?

Here, I guess, I do understand. This was a movie everyone expected to be ridiculous. Hell, I rented it in hopes of it mostly being a few laughs, which it really isn't. But then it's not anything else either.

Director P.J. Pesce obviously made it a priority that this movie not be a joke that we'd all have parties about and invent drinking games to make fun of, and I must say that he succeeds. Of course that more easily mockable movie would be more memorable and interesting than this.

Frankly, I think there's something to be said for dying on your feet, facing the world and trying to do something. This kind of dull, living to fight another day school of filmmaking has made me weary.

I see that Joel Schumacher with The Lost Boys and James Cameron with Aliens both faced movies that could have made them look ridiculous and done significant harm to their careers, but both seem to have embraced them fully with enthusiasm and passion, once more unto the brink and all of that.

That's why, however one feels about each of their later work, they were successful enough to get more and bigger projects. Their work stood out. These recent things are forgettable and dull. They don't even fail as well as their predecessors.

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