Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Links and such

And now, two panels from the first issue of Gold Key's Star Trek comic... by Kevin Church.

Someday this will not be true, perhaps by the time you click that link, but right now on Blogocrat: Religion, Politics and Violence, there are three pictures, a largely unclothed girl in glasses with prominent breasts (a Suicide Girl, I'm guessing, unless it's someone specific who others recognize, but I'm failing to), Kevin Smith and Nichelle Nichols, all of feature a description of and link to an interview with International Fight League middleweight champion Matt Horwich. What would Alice say?

I wound up in the Nudity discussion on Pretty/Scary. As would be expected, there are some good points and many ridiculous and/or obvious points in the discussion. None of the points are new. In fact, most of them still seem to be chestnuts on the subject of movie (especially horror movie) nudity that would have been valid or relevant discussion points in 1978 or 1983, but seem oddly out-of-touch now.

Does anyone really think nudity is more commercial now? Have they been watching recent movies at all? Sure, Troma comes up, but they are really at this point a genre unto themselves and hardly should be counted as any sort of trend at all.

Look, I'll agree that in the last 40 years since the inception of the MPAA rating system, there have been times when the trend was toward inserting nudity in movies where it wasn't necessary. We are currently, however, in a world where the opposite is true, the trend is definitely toward movies that probably should have had nudity copping out. (Yes, even among cheesy-ass direct-to-DVD crap!) Obviously neither trend is the ideal, although I lean toward the too much nudity, as should be well known.

The thread did, however, lead me to Nudity on Film, a blog by Monique Parent, as well as guest host Mark Weiler, that seems to have fallen into disuse, but has some very interesting posts.

Here's Wednesday Morning, because politics aren't going away for a while, and it's always good to inject some sanity into them.

And, finally, for now, Danny Boyle Getting Animated? Interesting.

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