Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My quote

It seems I've never publically expressed my enormous pleasure at the quote of mine at Arbogast on Film. It simply says, "His blog is actually better than mine."

It's sweet! I sound so magnificently arrogant.

Magnificently arrogant, however, in a way that I couldn't, at the time it was first pointed out to me, recall having written. I wished I could remember. I wish I wrote like that more often. That's the son of a bitch I want to be, but so rarely even approach.

Asking Arbogast about it at the time, he pointed me to Beware the Blog(s)! by Richard Harland Smith.

When it first went up, the link under "Arbogast on Film" was mistakenly linked to here, so I wrote a comment, "The Arbogast link goes to my blog again, which I wouldn't complain about but his blog is actually better than mine, so people should get a chance to check it out as well."

Bummer. That's so humble.

Thank you, Arbogast, for making me sound so much more awesomely arrogant than the milquetoast I actually am.

1 comment:

ARBOGAST said...

Just keep being you, you magnificent son of a bitch!

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