Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dirty movies

At sometime in the neighborhood of Lakeside's pre-production - long, long ago before the protracted production and the out-of-control long post-production - my producer, Elayne Wylie, was also served as a producer for "a subtitled ending". I had intended to be involved myself, but ended up with other obligations - possibly work - that made that more difficult than I was willing or able to overcome.

The point of common interest between these two is that during pre-production "a subtitled ending" was being referred to as "Orgy of Blood", although I don't expect that was ever intended as a final title. It's important because, it, at least as planned - I've still not seen it. This link claims to show it. - it was to have a, well, an orgy of blood. A set piece in which a large gathering of people, many of whom were having sex, died in various brutal ways.

What always irked me, and perhaps unfairly, was the fact that Rebecca, the director, made a point not to include any graphic nudity. I never fully understood the reasoning. The way I recall it was that it had something to do with film festivals, although I never was sure which ones. The notion that there was a festival in the world where they'd see a movie and say, "We'd love to show your fucking people to death movie, but unfortunately during said fuckings you actually show the naughty bits of the fuckers and fuckees," seemed absurd to me.

It's one of the reasons I refused to back down on my belief that "Lakeside" required nudity. In the footage, and not coming out of it, is both male and female nudity, thank you very much.

I did, in there somewhere, see the Fangoria Blood Drive collection. In this post I wrote, "I can't help noticing that over the course of both sets of short films, there's not a bit of nudity. Has anyone seen the rules? Can a set of short films that revels in the dismemberment and torture of people actually forbid the showing of human sex organs? Or is it merely that the horror director's of tomorrow still lack the courage of their work to include everything that would make their films full honest portrayals of their story (and, yes, there were at least two in this set that ought to have had nudity, and, as I recall even more than that in the first set)."

Maybe that's only my perception, but there certainly were a couple of the movies in which the lack of nudity was at least as conspicuous as it would be in an orgy, so there's something fishy there. It looks to me that they've given that up, so it's perhaps not relevant, but it does show a strange contradiction. In fact, the very one that Theresa Darklady Reed wanted so desperately to expose in the post I mock in this post. Unfortunately, she aimed far afield of a logical target.

Where am I going?

I'm not sure.

Oblivion by Mike Gold brings up some points that especially second and third tier entertainment creators should be thinking of. In the near future, we are looking at a drop in disposable income. They will undoubtedly be seeking escapism.

The likelihood is that will be looking exactly at the equivalent of pulp, although almost certainly not the retro kind of pulp some of us might imagine (or even hope). Something cheap, even disposable, and focused strongly on salaciously entertaining material, even if we assume that it will be topped with its own versions of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Lester Dents.

Happy Birthday, Lester Dent - that's today, so everyone join the celebration - by Mark Justice includes the Doc Savage creator's "master plot formula for pulp fiction."

I'm not sure what it means on street level of poor, untested independent moviemakers and such. I suspect it further opens the possibility of my Indie Serial ideas to be exploited by the right people.

Currently, I'm thinking actually dirty. I think Sarno night only confirmed that for me somehow. I don't know that is actually the kind of pulp that will be sneaking in people's few hard earned entertainment dollars on, but it may be as safe as any other specific bet.

I'm looking at my Loglines, there's one that reads: "LESBIAN BED DEATH: A young woman, grown after being raised in a strange girl school, goes off to find her long lost sister, only to discover that she is caught up in a dangerous sex club, sending deep into a web of the unknown and possibly the unreal."

I may be returning to that one, although perhaps not to the title. I still like it, and still would like to steal it up for something that deserves such a juicy sounding title before someone uses it for an actual lesbian relationship drama.

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